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Systems of CPS (Property Specialists)

The CPS  Network (enclosure) has three components

  1. national Owners – LL’s landlords and Developers
  2. Theatre operators;  Cinema Eatery’s as well as Traditional theatres
  3. Brokers; TRB – tenant representatives broker,  Listing  (LL reps) and Internal (Owners reps).

The  confluence of these participants and their often differing agendas can be counter productive.  The CPS  ‘system’ disentangles these disparate parts and reunites all three into a positive, productive and holistic end result……. Lease .



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Site Sourcing Process

  • Confluence of the  various participants in the Site sourcing process;  Theatre Client or tenant – Owner or LL and Brokers. CPS  disentangles the disparate players and reunites all parties, in a cooperative effort…………… Lease.

Systems of CPS -Theatre Specialist Since 1980

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Experience Of DEP

  • DEP experience in both industries…Theatre and CRE commercial real estate, wherein he then exploits and organizes the nuanced differences and variations.
  • Proprietary info – CPS extracts and infuses the appropriate information from each player, be it Client or Owner or Broker or CPS archives.
  • Confidentiality –  CPS then integrates these proprietary pieces into the  ‘system’ in a covert manner so as to protect any exclusive or trademarked info (client’s or owner’s) in order to avoid any competition between clients for space ( not taking two dates to the party).

And from these three Distinctions; Characteristics or Types / Criteria and CPS archival information (theatre and CRE) which as integrated become the ‘system’ with the result of an assimilation formula that results in a Natural FIT and Clarity for both Theatre operator and shopping center Owner..…. Lease.

The system ‘selects’ from following priorities and allows for Natural Selection  (enclosures) :  


Types / Characteristics


Geography – area


Criteria / Demos

Which these three alone ‘select’  but for further segregation and definition see Enclosures


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