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What we do

CPS – Nature of our business…

SOP – Sourcing – What we do 

I was queried on the exact nature of our role and from that I think many people are unaware of what we do and hence don’t fully appreciate what we do…… for them. There are 10,000 developers and 25,000 brokers. Most have a broad array of clients and business types, small to large – from nail salon to fashion to grocery to big box. Our goal is to corral all those interests of developers and brokers into our one little niche – Theatres as ‘dedicated’ theatre broker. One Client / one Goal!

Our work is done prior to connecting Developer and Client (tenant) per enclosure. We are constantly Sourcing new deals / developers and the continually follow up with of the hundreds of our existing Developers to find a deal for you and more importantly the right Fit.

As a reminder of what we do. Our job is to find you a deal. We source the CRE commercial real estate community to find you a deal that meets your criteria. Our sourcing process involves thousands of Developers / Landlords / Owners of Shopping Centers as well as the commercial broker community (enclosure). process of Sourcing deals for you…………

What we do

 Dedicated Theatre Broker

  • Exclusively ‘eatertainment’ Movie Theatre broker
  • CPS Laser Focus
  • Sourcing the Ideal Theatre ‘fit’ for your Project
  • Adjunct upscale ‘eatertainment’  – Bowl / FEC


CONVERSANT  with Theatre Industry

  • Founder of Dine In concept – 1980’s
  • Operator CPS  owned and operated Dine In theatres
  • CRE Commercial Real Estate professional
  • ‘relationship’  with Exhibitors (tenants)
  • Consummated Theatre Deals

OPTIONS –   All Movie Theatre Possibilities

  • You have Big 3 – Regal AMC  Cinemark
  • As well as, Several Go To exhibitors
  • CPS has Fifty theatre possibilities for your Project / Portfolio
  • Adjunct Eatertainment – ten Bowling and ten FEC concepts
  • Ideal FIT  can be accomplished with the widest range of options
  • CPS Selection  Process


  • CPS  saves you Time / Effort and $$$
  • CPS as both List broker (developer)  for project and TRB tenant rep broker  (exhibitor) two hats
  • Total fee 6%  – 3% for List side and 3%  for Tenant side – CPS internal Discount
  • CPS wears both List and TRB hats and due to embedded synergy we discount the fee   ( 3-4%)
  • Internal incentive per Leads

CREDIBILITY  with our Theatre Clients 

  • CPS Theatre experience
  • CPS credibility is transferred to your Project
  • You Blast or Call as Developer / broker – get only a general look by tenant
  • CPS Selection gives your Project a preferred more in depth look by tenant
  • Laser focus on your project