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TR – Theatre Representative .. Why CPS as your exclusive  Theatre Rep ..



I am not a typical broker and my client (s) are not typical tenants, they are Kickoff / Anchor tenants and germinal to a project ‘these days’. I am a Specialty broker and have this niche as  ‘dedicated’ theatre broker. I don’t, like most brokers, have a multitude of clients and don’t like most brokers, do many deals  per month / year.  I do several a year because its so limited or selective and my sourcing process is extensive and defined.  My sourcing is our data base of Developers throughout the country, with whom we Go Direct . Our MO is to go directly to the developer for a Project for our Eatertainment clients.  While our thrust is to the developer, we are happy to work with any Internal or External brokers you engage but our emphasis is to engage directly   with you. An additional layer of Sourcing effort to be sure, which benefits accrue  to you.

“ Dave, it was nice meeting with you in NY at ICSC. As you are aware, we as developer have relationships with all the major movie houses in the US.  However, every now and then, brokers like yourself introduce regional players that may have interest in certain areas of the country. Often times, these are smaller operators with perhaps just a handful of locations. We are happy to work with you on that basis so please continue with us as we are happy to have you engage directly with us.  

I did want to make you aware of this site as the future development parcels may be of interest for your client base.”


John K


All options / exclusive

Theatre Clients 

As you know we don’t Blast our Theatre Clients to developers. We have a variety of relationships from exclusive to ad hoc.  We presume you have the Big 3  (amc regal Cinemark) and various Go To  exhibitors,  we would exclude them, if you like.  As we get a Project we ‘select’  for  the right theatre Fit, with the theatres identity up to this point confidential.   And further if you like, so that we are not tripping over one another and duplicating efforts, you can tell us whom to avoid, those you ‘have’ .  Keeps it clean for everyone as many theatres don’t have exclusives.  If you are happy with the scope of exhibitors you have, have enough options, fine.  We deal with the big guys but developers turn to us for more  unique options / operators. We give you ALL the options.

Theatre Representative (LL – List)

  • We often work as the List broker for Theatre piece (only) for a project.   I am happy to work in any capacity that works for ABC.  As a TRB – tenant rep broker,  I need to adhere to standard tenant policies and relationships, which means I would bring just one Client to the project (one date to the dance).  And adhere to that Process (gauge their interest / engage with you / talk terms etc etc) and if they are not interested… then and only then, go on to the next Client, not a timely process.   To expedite,  we often serve on the LL / List side as the Theatre rep or   in a  quasi list broker capacity  for the Theatre or eatertainment piece only.  This frees us from the standard tenant obligations of a TRB  and allows us to present ALL options to you without interruption,  in an expedited fashion.


  • as you know from our theatre discussions, as Eatertainment broker I ‘have’ all the concepts be they Theatre or Bowl or FEC.  Have being the operative word – have client in this capacity;  as Go To,  ad hoc, exclusive, consultant, preferred etc,,, many variations but as the Client has interest in  project and blesses my representation I become their Exclusive rep for ‘that’ project.  So as I have all eatertainment concepts, if there as those you ‘have’ and want me to avoid I am happy to avoid them, just lmk whom to avoid.  

CREDIBILITY  with our Theatre Clients 

  • Per my sensitivity to the Interconnectedness (enclosure) of the CRE commercial real estate community and to negate any crossover or duplication………. I will always, first check, with either you / tenant or the Owner / LL to see if there is a prevailing relationship and if none, I will proceed with representation