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Commercial Property Specialists

  • CRE – Commercial Real Estate and CPS / dep  (David E Postle)
  • DEP role in CRE and franchise development with CRE his principal role as owner
  • CRE focus since 1975 in retail with theatres and restaurants
  • Broker since 2001   (resume)
  • Dedicated theatre broker – only theatres since 2007
  • Few theatre clients integrated, selectively, in CRE with CPS  ‘system’
  • Complementarity  – boutique tenants : Cinema Eatery / Bowl / FEC


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Experience in theatre industry

  • Founder of Movie Dinner Theatre concept in 1979
  • Franchise Owner of retail;  Wendys / Panera Bread / Pizza Bakery / Dinner Theatre……..
  • Owner theatres – franchise and independent owner
  • All facets of theatre industry
  • Arc lamps and celluloid to Digital 3D
  • Operations / Development / Franchise / Marketing ……. Real Estate.

Movie Theatre Specialist Since 1980

Dedicated Theater Broker
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Dedicated –  Movie Theatre  focus – Cinema Eatery

  • From retail base of Panera and Wendys to specializing in Theatres
  • Dinner Movie Theatres or Cinema Eatery’s
  • Traditional Theatres
  • Complementary  boutique users :  Bowl / FEC / Fitness
  • Experience in both CRE, retail and the Movie industry creates specialized broker

Dedicated –  Movie Theatre  focus – Cinema Eatery

To segregate and eliminate competition between clients for sites,  CPS maintains only One client per ‘type’ (characteristics chart). The Type along with Criteria are the key to what becomes with  the CPS ‘system’ natural segregations (chart)…no internal competition between clients for sites (one date to the dance).

Selection process –

  • the confluence of the various players – Owners / Theatres / Brokers – can be complicated by the various Options and Players. This could not only be confusing  but could be counter productive to clients (internal competition for sites). The CPS ‘system’ . eliminates any potential confusion and competition.

Systems –

Dis-entangles disparate pieces and re formulates into a holistic vision and productive result for all,  in the process of sourcing opportunities. This systematic application of the variables, avoids the potential cluster jam and provides a natural FIT  for all players. (see System page)

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