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Commercial Property Specialists

Movie Theatre Specialists since 1980.

Dedicated Theatre Broker!

Commercial Property Specialists (CPS) is owned by David E. Postle, who has been involved in the commercial real estate (CRE) community since 1980.  Mr. Postle is co-founder of the Movie Dinner Theatre concept. He has been both Owner / Operator and head of Development for various movie theatre concepts and companies. 

Companies We Work With:


Go Direct MO

From our Go Direct MO to Developers we deal with developers throughout the country from the largest to the smallest, nationally, regionally and locally. On projects from New Builds to Existing big box retail to Existing theatres in the developer portfolio. Continually sourcing for the right fit for Developer and Tenant…



Go Direct MO

As a founder of the Dine In theatre concept, our first focus are the Cinema Eatery concepts.  Along with conventional theatre tenants and the adjunct,  new innovative hip upscale eatertainment concepts of Bowling and FEC – family entertainment centers and the combination of all three. We represent all entertainment options per enclosed info.

The CPS Systems.

Mr. Postle’s expertise has uniquely positioned him to serve as a dedicated movie theater broker, to include the interrelated Eater-tainment concepts of bowling & FEC – Family Entertainment Center. The sole purpose of his company, Commercial Property Specialists (CPS), is to serve property owners, brokers, movie theater owners (traditional and dine in theaters), investors, and lenders in the acquisition, sale, and/or leasing of existing theaters, existing retail, and new construction. Fashioning an optimal fit between all parties involved is Mr. Postle’s expertise.
This is accomplished through the CPS System, which utilizes proprietary information in a confidential manner to craft the right Fit for both Developer and Tenant. Working with Mr. Postle, a 
dedicated movie theater broker, and the CPS System enables you to create the alliances and partnerships that can results in the success you envision for your movie theater venture.



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Movie Theatres

Dedicated Broker & Complimentary
Boutique tenants or Eater-tainment users, such as the new hip upscale Bowling, as well as FEC’s Family Entertainment Centers and Fitness.

Re Purpose

Conversion / Retrofit
reformulate or re-image existing Asset.
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Support theatre operator
Support theatre operator with site plan approval, rezoning and obtaining permits and financing.

Representation of Owners

Representation of Owners / REITs

Representation of Owners / REITs in assessing sale and/or lease opportunities of existing under-performing theatre buildings, free-standing or Inline ( ET / ER)

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theatre construction

Recommendations theatre construction companies, architects-designers and financing sources.s.


Boutique concepts
Complementarity of boutique concepts Cinema Eatery as gateway for Bowl / FE / Fitness tenants

My Skills-Set

What I Do.

David Postle

David Postle

President/ Founder

Mr. Postle has also served as Owner and Principal in various restaurant concepts including Cinema Grill, Wendy’s, Pizza Bakery and Panera Bread.

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  • Research 75% 75%
  • Marketing 50% 50%
  • Communication Liason 65% 65%
  • Movie Buff 75% 75%